Problem with Behringer X32 and S16...

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Problem with Behringer X32 and S16...

Postby aaronpawlak » 12 Mar 2018, 06:55


Quick background, I’m IT at a school and trying to get a system up and running after the music teacher left, who handled it last year.The setup is an X32 connected to a S16.After initial hookup, there were several wonky things - eg, speakers were playing at different levels and volume levers on the X32 board didn’t do anything. But music was still coming from the speakers, at least. Pretty much eliminated all physical connection possibilities (wires, etc). Then we did a factory reset on the X32.Now we can’t get any sound at all, just from some monitor speakers if we hook them ¾” via audio cable. The levels showing are correct and other weird glitches seem to be better on the X32 screen. The connection light is green on the X32 for the S16. Nothing else changed from when we were at least getting something coming from the speakers.Nothing I’ve read seems to indicate I need to do anything else to connect them. For testing, I’m just playing my phone into the aux 5 & 6 inputs. I looked at the ‘routing’ screen but fiddling didn’t seem to do anything. after I wrote this, I went to try some more suggestions I found. The links on both devices were red until I did another factory reset on the X32.Is there something else I need to do to ‘pair’ the X32 and the S16? Or configure something else from the factory settings to get it working?Sorry for the, hopefully, newbie questions - hope this is just an easy fix in the configuration somewhere.

please help

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